Hi there, my name is John Martinez, and I’m from Tampa, FL. I am a mobile and desktop software engineer with over 10 years experience in creating high quality and functional software for various mobile and desktop platforms.

There are three rules I live by when designing new software for customers – make it specific, make it simple, and make it visually appealing.

Specificity is where solid mobile and desktop software begins. You can make the simplest piece of software with the most beautiful UI (user interface) ever and it will still fail to meet expectations if it does not meet a specific need of your target audience. Right from the start you have to be aware of why your audience would want your software in the first place. If you can’t answer that question, there’s no need to look for a software engineer.

Next is simplicity. Once you get specific on what the software needs to do, the next critical component is to get it to do that in the simplest way possible. Simple sells. Complex overwhelms. A software engineer’s goal should always be to cut out as much excess in a piece of software as possible. The more you remove, the smoother the software will run, and the less it will have to compute. Also, having too many options in the software can overwhelm a user, which will turn them away from the software in the future.

Finally, there’s visual appeal. Pretty sells. I’ve seen software that has done some pretty incredible stuff, but failed to make an impact on its respective market due to its lack of visual appeal. In other words, it was very unattractive software. Appearance says a lot. Attractive design screams professionalism and success, while unattractive design screams the complete opposite. Design must always be taken into account when creating software for desktop or mobile devices.

What You Get If You Decide To Hire Me

If you decide to hire me for your next software project, here is what you can expect to receive in return:

  • A top notch piece of software that accurately represents your company and brand
  • Software development from a professional software engineer with over 10 years experience in both desktop and mobile.
  • A dedicated software engineer who is 100% committed to finishing the task at hand in a timely manner.
  • An arsenal of different programming languages available or all of your software development needs: C, C++, C#, Java, Python.
  • Knowledge of how to troubleshoot software-related problems on the go; from the standard issue to software specific issues.
  • A first rate customer experience from a man who has been in your shoes and knows what you’re expecting out of a freelance software engineer.

I’m fully committed to working together with you to create a piece of software that both of us will be proud to share with the world. I think that’s one of the keys to being successful – having a genuine pride in sharing what you create with the world; because if you’re not proud of, then how can you expect your customers to be?

I look forward to discussing your future software needs.

My Other Projects

I founded Spy App Review in 2014 in order to help people find the right spy software.