Hello, World! My name is John Martinez and I am a computer programmer. For my day job, I write tax automation software for e-commerce companies.

On my free time, I work on whatever suits my fancy. I enjoy computer games, and have even tried my hand at writing them. My current game of choice is Overwatch. I also enjoy playing the Desert Combat mod for Battlefield 1984. When I’m not gaming, I enjoy movies, friends, and even a bit of table top role playing.

I am proficient in C/C++ and VB6. I have written in Pascal, Scheme, TIBasic, QBasic, and Logo. Above all, I am most proficient in Java. I am intimately familiar with J2SE and am capable in J2EE. I can write console apps, desktop, apps, server apps, and web apps. I am decent with SQL and am a competent database designer. I have significant exposure to system architecture and design, especially with design patterns. Overall, I am a generalist. A jack of all trades.

My Other Projects

I founded Spy App Review in 2014 in order to help people find the right spy software.