The Black Friday is days away and you would probably be skimming the newspapers for all the goodie good shopping deals and things you have been waiting for a year to get at discounted rates. But this year, resort to some strategic shopping.

A Little Planning Helps Big Deal!

I know how we all whine and fret after the shopping about all the long queues and not getting what we wanted. Yes, it’s dreadful to return empty pocketed and shopping bags full of unnecessary or unwanted stuff. It happens because we get too high spirited and don’t plan the shopping. Here are some tips to get the best Black Friday deals:

So this Black Friday, read this article and plan your shopping so you don’t return home with a grim face.

Tip # 1- Take Stock

Take some time out and instead of going to the neighborhood park for the evening stroll head for the nearby shops and malls. Take stock of all the products placed on the shelves and take mental notes of where the product you want is placed. You certainly don’t want all the best sweaters to be sold before you make it to where they were placed.

Tip # 2- Do Your Homework

There’s nothing helpful than doing a thorough research of what you want and where would you get it from. Resort to the newspapers and magazines for the best deals you can avail. You can even make a list on your smartphone; take snaps of the coupons and save addresses.

Tip # 3- Early Bird Catches the Worm!

I know it’s a well-beaten up aphorism but it works still. If you want to get the best stock, get up early- don your sneakers and dash for your favorite store or mall. Don’t get surprised to see people arriving before you- trust me, there are people who wake up even before the rooster would!

Tip # 4- Go With the Gang!

Bang the store in a gang! No, seriously it’s more fun to shop with friends. This way you could kill the boredom of standing in long queues and when you finally do make it to the store, your pals and you can rush and pick up all the stuff that seem interesting and sort your desired stuff later. There is little chance now that you’d miss on the Nike Dunks you craved for!

Tip # 5- Take Caution:

Needless to say, the Black Friday shopping is going to be messy, sweaty and risky. While it is suggested to leave all the fancy gadgets like your iPod or Beats headphones at home but you still need to be careful enough or you end up buying your long longed for dress and losing your phone. Your Black Friday would turn into miserable Friday if you happen to lose your phone and all the data stored on it. The easy way is to buy a cell phone tracking app such as mspy and install it on your smartphone. This way you can track your mobile phone in case it’s stolen and recover all data as well. I know you’re going to thank me for this!