mSpy Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Most people use their cell phones for more than just making calls. Today many have what feels like the most important information relevant to their social, work and even financial lives residing on their cell phones including contacts, records, notes, reminders … the list goes on and on. With so many different kinds of apps available it is clear that the importance of cell phones will only continue to grow. In fact many think that mobile will have a bigger effect on our lives than computers did. Indeed for most of the world a cell phone is much more affordable than a computer.

Youth are heavy users of cell phones. Parents often give them to their kids so that they will be in constant contact with their kids when it comes to knowledge of their whereabouts, their activities and in case of emergencies. Since cell phones are much more than a device to talk on – parents must make sure that their kids are using this communication tool appropriately and in a safe manner. After all, there are many sexual deviants and scammers trying to gain access to both children and teens. Often kids are unaware of the seriousness of these types of predators and do not suspect their ill intentions until it is too late. This is where the mSpy can help!

Today, thanks to technology, parents can keep their kids safe on their moble phones by installing mSpy – a cell phone monitoring software. With the mSpy in place parents can control and restrict the cell phone usage of their children. Our software helps parents block phone numbers, set up time restrictions and monitor each and every call, SMS text message, all photos, GPS locations and much more. Once the software is installed parents can safely monitor their kids by logging into their online account. There they can check the logs related to the phone’s usage. This account is password protected and lets parents monitor their kids from anywhere.

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This technology is also great for employers who want to make sure that their employees are making good use of the company phone and being productive during their working hours. For employers it will benefit their bottom line in the long run as they will be able to track and monitor their employees. This is surveillance at its best operating quietly behind the scenes using our silent stealth technology.

The software filtering features of the mSpy include an application filter, SMS blocking, call blocking, website filter and time restriction. Logging features include details on SMS and email messages, cell phone call details, GPS locations and a list of websites visited. Other important features include our silent stealth program, remote access control, secure control panel and toll-free customer support. All of these features are offered by the mSpy to provide you with knowledge about how your child’s cell phone is being used, giving you some peace of mind in the increasingly complex world of mobile communications. For more information, visit