mSpy Cell Phone Monitoring Software

If you are an employer and decide to issue smartphones to your employees then make sure you make the minimal investment to put the mSpy cell phone monitoring software on their devices. After you read my story, you will be convinced exactly why you need this powerful software product.

Why I Purchased iPhones for My Employees

I decided to purchase iPhones for several of my claims adjudicators and marketing reps. My company is in the business of providing health insurance.

The claims adjudicators were those that worked from home processing health insurance claims thus they needed to be able to contact healthcare providers and insured members using the communications resource I provided them and not their own personal resources.

My marketing reps were highly mobile and needed iPhones when they were out in the field visiting clients.

I didn’t have the mspy cell phone tracker installed on their iPhones simply because I didn’t think it was needed. I discovered just how wrong I was.

What I Discovered

Not long after I issued the iPhones, I discovered that issues related to a drop in employee productivity began to manifest such as:

  • A rise in complaints – physicians and other healthcare providers were not getting timely reimbursement of claims.
  • Decrease in new client accounts – marketing reps were not chasing as many leads as they had before.
  • A drop in paid claim volume – a lower rate of claim adjudication by default results in a lower paid claim volume.
  • Backlog of claims waiting to be processed – the queues for incoming claims waiting to be processed and adjudicated increased.
  • Late submission of reports – productivity reports were not prepared on a timely basis.

Basically, I correlated my giving them iPhones with a drop in productivity. I had to do something because my company’s bottom line was suffering.

What I Did

spymanThen I discovered the cell phone monitoring software reviews at This is an app that would run silently on their smartphones and show me from a central location everything they were doing with them. It would show me calls made and received, GPS locations where they went, chat messages, photos taken on the iPhone, and more.

I purchased subscriptions from mSpy for each company device I had issued. Then, I had my technology staff collect the iPhones telling their users that an upgrade was needed. Once all of the phones were collected, the mSpy app was installed on each.

I Found Out More

Here is what I discovered through my mSpy control panel after the app was up and running on each iPhone:

  • Photos of claim forms taken. Claims adjudicators were taking photos of paper claims forms with confidential medical information when they reported to the office once each week. They should have been taking the paper forms instead. All it takes is for an iPhone to get lost or stolen and patient confidential information is compromised.
  • Browsing of pornographic websites. A couple of my marketing reps were visiting pornographic websites from their iPhones because they already knew that their desktop computers were monitored.
  • Hours of wasting time on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. The mSpy cell phone monitoring app has special features to monitor these apps plus tell me the full text of chats.
  • Marketing reps heading to the malls for shopping during work hours. The GPS tracking feature that reported their iPhone’s locations told me everything I needed to know.

gps tracking

It took some time to collect all of the information about each employee’s activities and I had to let a few of them go. Then, I had to finally tell all of the employees with company-issued iPhones that they are being monitored by the mSpy software. Productivity returned to its previously high level after that. Purchasing this product was the best decision I have ever made.